Hi there! I was going to post pictures from Berlin, but I’ve so many it’s going to take ages to edit and select them. Also, my allergies are making me feel all dizzy at the moment. I can’t really concentrate on anything. Or maybe it’s the medicine making me feel this way. On top of that, my computer has been very slow recently when I’ve been editing pictures, it’s like it can’t handle it anymore. So annoying. In the meantime, I’ve saved my Insta stories from Berlin to my highlights so take a look if you haven’t already!

Instead of travel photos, here’s photos of flowery nails I did before my trip. I made these nails because it was finally starting to feel like spring here. Yellow somehow really makes me think of spring. Flowers are just stickers so this nail art was really easy to do. I found these affordable nail art stickers and bought a bunch of different ones.

Nails: Mavala Mava-Strong Base Coat, KIKO Nail Lacquer 279 Yellow, Wild&Mild Stylish Nail Art Decorations ( I forgot to add top coat before I took these photos 😀 )

Enjoy your spring! 🙂



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