I hope you had a lovely Midsummer weekend. I didn’t do much, but at least I wasn’t thinking of work for three days. Well I did do something, I changed my hair colour yet¬†again. ūüíĀ What can I say, I can’t make up my mind. As much as I loved my bright red then turned pink hair, it was just too much work. Especially now in the summer. Also, it didn’t exactly match with my favourite lipsticks… I didn’t bleach my hair so I didn’t get an even colour, but that’s alright. I only deep cleansed my hair with shampoo before dyeing it, but at some point I have to bleach my hair anyway to cover my roots.

I think I’m sticking with purple¬†for a while, but who knows. It complements my eye colour at least. The actual shade will of course change between refreshments since it’s just a¬†semipermanent colour and from my experience, it will fade with every wash. For those interested, the colour I used is INK Mystic Violet by Biozell and I let it be for 30 minutes or even longer actually.¬†If you’re thinking of using this colour, keep in mind that I had pink hair as a base here.¬†Bleaching is of course recommended for best results, but I just didn’t want to do it again so soon.

I’m happy that my hair has grown a bit, I’m going for that¬†longer from the front, shorter from the back¬†look. But it’s a journey as my front pieces are quite short at the moment so I’ll have to wait for them to grow out¬†to¬†achieve that look.¬†Oh, in case you wonder about my lipstick here, it’s the shade¬†39¬†by Inglot. I’ve it in a pan, I’m not sure if it comes in a bullet, but it’s a lovely colour anyway and comfortable to wear.



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