I did it again, I changed my hair. I was quite over long hair and my hair had faded from pink/purple to blonde so I felt like I needed to do something. I’m blonde by nature but I didn’t feel like myself. All my clothes are basically black so I like to have some colour in my hair. I didn’t want to dye my hair as it has gone through a lot of bleaching in the past few months. This colour is made with copper tint so it’s going to fade with every wash. I know I should go to a salon for a good hair cut, I haven’t been in for so long. But it’s just too easy to chop off your ponytail and do some trimming here and there. I cut off almost 10 cm. I’m sure my hair would look much better done at a salon, but I guess I’m just not that fussy about my hair. It will grow back if it goes wrong. *imagine that woman not giving a f*ck emoji here that I just learned is actually an information desk woman (???)*

I did this on New Year’s Eve, just in time for 2017. This was my makeup that night, but I changed the lipstick after taking these photos, this one is Black Night by MAC. I changed it to Rebel, also by MAC, because even though Black Night is a cool shade, it’s super sheer and hard to apply evenly. I was wearing Space Cowboy by Urban Decay on my eye lids and lashes by Eylure (no 100). I hope you had a lovely NYE. We went to the city centre to see the fireworks, nothing crazy. Happy New Year! ♥︎



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  1. Ihana <3 Sopii ihan todella hyvin sulle 🙂

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