I wanted to play with makeup today and do something fun. This makeup is definitely out of my comfort zone but goes well with my hair, I think. This eye makeup is so bold it almost looks like a mask. This could be my superhero makeup. Suitable, this green eyeshadow is called Emerald Power and it’s by MAC. Well, superheroes probably don’t get massive spots on their chins (I edited it out with my not-so-super skills) and their brows stay in place, very much unlike mine. But then again, I would definitely be a villain and not a superhero. 😀 I wanted to keep the rest of my face simple and draw the attention to my eyes. These fake lashes are by Grimas, they don’t have a name but they’re numbered 127.

I was testing out a new foundation, I picked up the Nude Magic Cushion Dewy Glow Foundation by L’oréal in the shade 03 from sale this week. This shade is tiny bit too dark but the lighter shade was too pink for my skin tone. Forever my problem! I can make this work if I blend it out very well. So far I’m liking this foundation, but I think I need more test days before I can give you my final answer. How has your weekend been? I was out with my colleagues on Friday, it was fun but I totally paid for it yesterday!



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  1. Anna says:

    Oi tää on kaunis! <3

    • Julia says:

      Kiitos <3

    • Julia says:

      <3 <3 Ootan sun versiota supersankarimeikistä! :-)

    • Julia says:

      Kiitos (:

  2. Liisa says:

    SIIS MIELETÖN! I luv u gurl <3 Lisää näitä! 🙂

    • Julia says:

      Pus <3 Kiitos! 🙂

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