Two famous beauty vloggers, Desi Perkins and Katy “LustreLux” DeGroot collaborated with Dose of Colors to create a beautiful limited edition makeup collection. I bought these products online when they first launched their collection. These gorgeous products are very soon back in stock so I thought I would quickly share my thoughts about the products I bought. It restocks in less than six hours, actually. So if you’re in Finland and want to get something from this collection, better set your alarms ready, that’s 4am for us…

I had my eye on two things, the eyeshadow palette “The Girls” and the fiery liquid lipstick in the shade “Hot Fire”. The lipstick in the nude shade “No Shade” was my wild card, even though it’s the most basic thing I bought. I wanted to buy one of the highlighters in this collection, but I think they’re both too dark for my skin tone.

Here’s my quick swatches of the products. Wow, I really need to practise the art of swatch photos, haha. The eyeshadows Suz and Harpoon are meant to be used wet. I tried to swatch them dry first and it didn’t work. That’s why there’s a bit fallout, when used wet they’re both gorgeous. I don’t mind that there are no transition shades in this palette, these are gorgeous shimmer shades that take the look to the next level and I’ve enough eyeshadow palettes filled with “normal” shades. The lippies are both super pigmented and matte in texture when completely dry (these are fresh swatches).

With pretty packaging to excellent quality, I can tell this collection is well-thought to the last detail. My order came in a special beige box made just for this collection with matching wrapping paper. The only thing I don’t get about the products is the mirror in the eyeshadow palette. It’s so small it’s kind of pointless. With the added taxes I had to pay, my order total was ∼65 euros. it’s not cheap, but I’m happy with my very first Dose of Colors order and curious to try more of their products. x







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