YAAAS! They’re here! I’ve waited for so long and now they’re here – my new foundations from the Colours range by The Ordinary. I went a bit mad and ordered five! Unfortunately these are still sold out so you can’t get them at the moment from their website. But while you wait in the line, I’ll have time to test these out and give you my full review. This is just a sneak peek or my first impressions of them actually. I ordered three shades of the Coverage Foundation and two of the Serum Foundation. Both foundations come in a plastic bottle with a pump. Very travel-friendly and I’m glad they decided to make these with pumps. These’re also budget-friendly, for 6.70−6.90€ you get 30ml of foundation. Both foundations have SPF15.

The weren’t many swatches available when I picked my colours (see what I did there). Now they’ve done a swatch photo (see below*) and there’s more swatches around the internet too. When I received my order I was kinda gutted that I’m once again between two shades. So annoying when it happens. The shades I picked up are 1.1N, 1.2Y and 1.2YG of the Coverage Foundation and 1.2Y and 1.2YG of the Serum Foundation. Y stands for yellow undertones and YG for yellow undertones with gold highlights. N is for neutral and P for pink undertones. I always go for yellow undertones, but they’re hard to find in lighter shades. That’s the case here too. 1.2Y is much darker than 1.1N.

I wore the Serum Foundation in 1.2Y today and the Coverage Foundation in the same shade yesterday. I was worried that the 1.2Y would be too dark for me, I made sure I blended really well before I left the house. Nobody said anything about my foundation so I’m not too sure. I’ve to do side by side swatches of these two, I think the 1.2Y Serum Foundation is lighter than the Coverage Foundation in 1.2Y.

Both foundations lasted really well, I wore them without a primer and I did not powder at all. I was surprised that the Serum Foundation actually gave me decent coverage, I was expecting it to be very light coverage. I’ll do a full review on these when I’ve tested them more and also take makeup photos so you can see them in action.

Did you manage to get your hand on these foundations? What do you think?  I’m sorry about the crappy photo quality by the way, this week has been all gloomy and today we even got hail… I’m not kidding. Haha,  Happy June  xxx

*Colour swatch photo by The Ordinary



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  1. Äh saisi mun tulla jo kanssa! Seurantakoodin mukaan se jumittaa Vantaalla, koska ovikoodia ei ole. Ovikoodista en tiedä, mutta kaupunki nyt on ainakin ihan väärä : DD

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