I want to do a “drugstore makeup look” using only affordable brands so I needed to do some shopping. (Basically, I was looking for an excuse to buy more makeup… don’t tell anyone. ) I’m still on the hunt for an affordable concealer and maybe highlighter or a face palette but I found some goodies I wanted to share with you. Both Essence and Catrice are new brands in Finland. They’re made by the same German company Cosnova Beauty. These brands are affordable, they’ve a wide range of products and (according to Cosnova’s website) over 90% of their products are made in Europe. Even though these brands definitely have some similarities, they’ve their differences too. In my opinion, Essence is for a younger audience with their funky packaging and even cheaper prices.

Since I want to do a full makeup look with affordable makeup I needed to buy a foundation. Using the right shade is often tricky with these kind of brands. The shade selection is limited, the store may have bad lighting and often the testers are missing too (Who would want testers?! Yuck!). This Nude Illusion Foundation in the shade 010 Nude Ivory by Catrice looked quite right so I picked it up. Catrice has some really nice looking lip products. Unfortunately, the liquid lipstick shade I wanted was sold out but I’ve been eyeing for this lipstick before so I decided to buy it instead. This gorgeous lipstick is the Ultimate Stay Lipstick in the shade 150 Chocolate Kiss. I bought the Longlasting Lip Pencil in the shade 100 upper Brown Side to go along with it (which again, I couldn’t test because there wasn’t a tester).

I couldn’t decide which brow product to pick up so I bought two – they were so cheap it was an easy decision! Unfortunately, I don’t have the prices of anything, I throw away the receipt without thinking about it. The brow products I picked up are the Velvet Brow Powder Artist in the shade 030 Dark Brow(n) Is The New Black and the Longlasting Brow Definer in the shade 030 Chocolate Brow’nie.  I wanted to pick up something from Essence, too. I’m actually kind of running out of mascaras. I don’t have any spare ones so it was only fair that I bought a new one. Essence have such a wide range of mascaras but I went with this Lash Princess Volume Mascara one. I also picked up the Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil in the shade 06 Silky Nude. I’m excited to try all these as I love testing out new brands and products. I will give you short reviews/first impressions of everything with the makeup look so come back for that. Have you tried anything from Essence or Catrice?

K-Citymarketit tuntuvat kunnostautuneen uusien edullisten meikkimerkkien tuomisessa Suomeen. Viimeisimpänä valikoimaan on otettu saksalaiset Catrice ja Essence. Keksin loistavan tekosyyn ostaa uusia meikkejä: haluan tehdä meikin käyttäen vain edullisia markettimeikkejä ja tarvitsin sitä varten uusia tuotteita, joita saisi vielä kaupoista. Varastojen täydentäminen Catricen ja Essencen hyllyiltä ei rasittanut kukkaroa liikaa. Meikkivoiteen ostamiseen supermarketista liittyy omat haasteensa, sävyvalikoima on suppea, valaistus liikkeessä on yleensä surkea ja testerit ovat aina kadoksissa. Valitsin pikkaisen arvalla Catricen Nude Illusion Foundation -meikkivoiteen sävyssä 010 Nude Ivory. Olisin halunnut myös saman merkin peitevoiteen, mutta se oli loppu.

En osannut päättää minkä kulmatuotteen ostaisin, joten ostin kaksi mielenkiintoisen näköistä kulmakynää, Velvet Brow Powder Artist -kynän sävyssä 030 Dark Brow(n) Is The New Black ja Longlasting Brow Definer -kynän sävyssä 030 Chocolate Brow’nie. Lisäksi mukaan tarttui Ultimate Stay Lipstick -huulipuna sävyssä 150 Chocolate Kiss ja Longlasting Lip Pencil -huultenrajauskynä sävyssä 100 Upper Brown Side Huulipunan pakkaus tuntuu tosi laadukkaalta, itse puna vaikuttaa myös hyvältä. Essenceltä ostin uuden ripsivärin. Merkillä on mistä valita maskaroiden suhteen, tällä kertaa valinta osui tähän hauskannäköiseen Lash Princess Volume Mascara -ripsiväriin. Lisäksi poimin mukaani Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil -kajalkynän sävyssä 06 Silky Nude – näitä ei ole koskaan liikaa! Joko te olette päässeet kokeilemaan jotain näiltä merkeiltä? Tai kiinnostaako markettimeikit ylipäätänsä? 🙂 



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  1. Atreyi says:

    Where can one find catrice in Helsinki, please? Any particular K-Citymarkets? I’m relatively new here and miss Catrice hauls like crazy!!

    • Julia says:

      Sorry for the late reply! The K-Citymarket in Ruoholahti carries both Catrice and Essence. 🙂 x

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