I was a bit naughty and bought myself some beauty bits & bobs whilst gift shopping for others in December. Until now I didn’t even realise I had somewhat a theme going on with all the glitters. I didn’t buy these at one go so this is more like a collective haul over the past three weeks. Hercynia is a beautiful holographic green nail polish created by Nailderella for the indie nail polish brand PicturePolish in 2014. She made a blog post back in the day where you can see more photos of this gorgeous nail polish. I wore this over the holidays and I was really pleased with it. I want to go back for more… I bought this from a local nail supply store Cesarsshop where I also picked up this jar of very fine black nail glitter by Sina.

I’ll never run out of eyeshadows ever again, but I don’t own too many glitter ones. This Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in the shade Space Cowboy hits the spot perfectly. UD says Moondust eyeshadows are best to apply with fingers. If I own many eyeshadows, I don’t have that many highlighters so I finally picked up the Afterglow Highlighter in the shade Sin. My favourite is still Mary-Lou Manizer, but I really like this one. It’s a pretty shade and has a good formula. I wore these beauties on NYE.

I always have super dry lips in the winter. In desperation, I bought this Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment by GlamGlow from Kicks (the shiny silver ball, not great for taking photos). It was expensive, but I only use it twice a day. Though my most expensive purchase was a new hair straightener. I’ve wanted to update for a while so when I saw that this one was in sale, I quickly decided to get it. This is the GHD V Gold Classic Styler. I really want to master the curling technique with this as my super old straightener could not be used for curling hair.

Tip: I highly recommend buying a heat-resistant silicone mat for your hair tools. It protects countertops while using styling tools and it’s also a safe place to let styling tools to cool down after using them. It’s also a good thing it isn’t slippy as hair tools tend to have long and/or heavy cords. This one I’ve is meant for hair tools, but I’m sure you can find good ones that are actually meant for baking so check the kitchen section, as well. 🙂




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